HUNA SOUNDS: Unmasking eclectic sounds from the global underground!

HUNA Sounds is a Ghent based music and DJ collective spreading eclectic sounds by blending every possible ethnic background and by playing a wide variety of genres, they create a surprisingly unique and highly danceable sound.


As promoters (HUNA), they have invited Altın Gün, Acid Arab, NosedripDTM FunkMoving StillCaïro Liberation FrontDJ MarcelleAMMAR 808Dengue Dengue DengueSusobrinoYoung Mocro, Sara Dziri & many more to venues like Vooruit, Chinastraat,  Amigo, DOK,….

They organize a micro club festival in Ghent called HUNA Hut every summer and they have a monthly residency at Radio Ruit, inviting their favorite local DJ.


As DJ’s, HUNA Sounds have made hips move at Forest Sounds, Leffingeleuren, Villa Pace Festival, Bonnefooi, Cactus Festival, East Side Radio (Lisbon) and various venues in Mexico (Mexico City, Tulum & Guadalajara).